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Source water pretreatment filter

As for different regional source water, it can effectively eliminate the rust, sediment, colloid, suspended solids, soluble organic matter, residual chlorine, heavy metals, and prevent water scaling, inhibit microorganism growth, soften hard water, effectively protect the reverse osmosis host system。

Automatic reborn water softener

Eliminate Ca2+ and Mg2+, reduce the hardness of feed water, prevent RO membrane from scaling, and prolong the service life of RO membrane, polishing resin cartridge and EDI module.
Sodium type cation resin replace Ca2+ and Mg2+
Fast-plug connectors are easy to install, operate and maintain, intelligent control valve, realize softening water and resin rebirth. The ion exchange resin is food grade and the resin tank is glass fiber reinforced plastics. The case is made by injection molding, and it doesn't need external tank, very easy to operate.

Large capacity resin cartridge

Low running cost, large pure water capacity. The resin, made by DOW (USA brand), combining with HHitech proprietary technology, removes the trace inorganic ion. The resistivity could reach to 18.2MΩ.cm.

Pure water tank

Pressure tank
Pressure tank's lining is made of double butyl, and it is certified by FDA. It can prevent CO2 and other pollutant to enter into pure water. Its maximum capacity is 100 liters. Moreover its maximum pressure can reach to 0.3Mpa. It means that pure water can be supplied to point of use by pressure tank without any additional boost pump.
PE tank with liquid level switch
Material: HDPE, with liquid level control, can connect to pure water host.

Ultrapure water tank

Store high pure water and ultrapure water
It is made by blow molding, and the material is PE. There is no adhesives and surfactant. The seal ring could prevent air to enter into tank, and large cover is convenient to clean tank. Pure PE material avoids impurities' separating out. The smooth internal surface can restrain bacteria's breeding. The inlet is at the bottom of tank, reducing absorbing of CO2. Conical bottom could discharge all the water from the bottom, and it can assure complete cleaning of the tank (There is a drain valve in the bottom).
Air filter could absorb CO2 and organics, and eliminate bacteria and particles. UV lamp could restrain bacteria's increase and reduce TOC.

Long-distance water dispenser

As for different pure water's requirement, 2 kinds of dispensers (material: PTFE and PP) and extension tube (material: PFA and PP) are optional. Getting water within 3 meters with 1 extension tube. Moreover, 0.22µm terminal filter could be added onto the end of dispenser, to eliminate bacteria and particles.

Terminal filter

0.2µm and (0.45+0.1)µm, 2 kinds of terminal filters are optional. Material is PES membrane, to install it on the end point of use, to eliminate bacteria and particles effectively.

Portable on-line resistivity monitor
TDS/conductivity test pen

Portable on-line resistivity monitor:
With dry cell & AC100-240V design, to measure the pure water's resistivity easily anywhere.
TDS/conductivity test pen: Dry cell design, to test TDS (ppm), conductivity (μs/cm) and temperature (°C, °F) easily anywhere.

Inlet/outlet pressure valve

Inlet pressure valve: Reduce the feed water's pressure, meet the requirements of RO system's inlet pressure.
Outlet pressure valve: Reduce the outlet pressure, meet the requirements of external equipment's inlet pressure. 8mm metric fast-plug is standard configuration.

Leakage protection system

Once water leakage occurs, system will close inlet valve to cut off water supply, and alarm for checking。 Leakage situation disappear, just one reset button is ok。

Sanitizing tablets

Effervescent tablets design, dissolved in water fast, disinfect the ultrapure water tube。 Also, suitable for other lab goods。

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