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With injection molding process case, 1 pump, portable TDS test pen and on-line resistivity monitor, Smart-D series ultrapure water system is sub-economic choice of ultrapure water for high grade experiments. With pure water or distilled water inlet, its output is up to 2 liters/minute. It can produce deionized water and ultrapure water. The deionized water’s resistivity is above 5MΩ.cm, and the ultrapure water’s resistivity absolutely reaches to 18.2MΩ.cm. It completely meets the highest grade I standard of ASTM, CAP, CLSI, EP and USP.

Flow Schematic


Model Standard Eliminating endotoxin Low TOC Synthesizing
Smart-D Smart-DUF Smart-DUV Smart-DUVF
Output Up to 2 liters/minute (less output with UF cartridge)
Pure water outlet 2: deionized water, ultrapure water
Ultrapure water quality  
Resistivity(25°C) 18.2MΩ.cm
TOC* <10ppb <10ppb <3ppb <3ppb
Bacteria <0.01cfu/ml
Particle(>0.1µm) <1/ml
Endotoxin N/A <0.001Eu/ml N/A <0.001Eu/ml
RNases N/A <1pg/ml N/A <1pg/ml
DNases N/A <5pg/ml N/A <5pg/ml
Deionized water quality  
Resistivity(25°C) >5MΩ.cm
Feed water requirements RO water, distilled water, deionized water, 5-45°C,1atm*
Dimension and weight LengthµWidthµHeight:410µ220µ420mm / Weight: about 16Kg
Electrical requirements AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Power 72W
Standard configuration Main body (Including 1 set of cartridge)+ TDS/conductivity test pen
*The value will be influenced by temperature and feed water’s quality.


Item no. Commodity Approximate replacement term /set
PC-M-PP 5µm spun fiber cartridge 2-6 months
PC-PP-ZK Special spun fiber cartridge 2-6 months
PC-AC-B-ZK Special active carbon block cartridge 6 months
RO-100GPD 100 GPD reverse osmosis membrane 12-24 months
RO-200GPD 200 GPD reverse osmosis membrane 12-24 months
PTC-MBR-K Mixed bed resin cartridge 1000 liters pure water
PTC-UPPR-K Ultrapure polishing resin cartridge 1000 liters pure water
TF-(0.45+0.1)µm-S (0.45+0.1)µm terminal filter -
UF-5000D MWCO5000D UF cartridge -
LAMP-(185nm&254nm)-10W-K Double wavelength(185&254)nm uv lamp 9000 hours
LAMP-254-10W-K 254 nm wavelength uv lamp 9000 hours

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