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The system integrate extra pretreatment filter, tank, large capacity polishing cartridge, water dispenser and other parts, help user save lab room. The bottom of system has 4 wheels, it could be moved to anywhere easily.

Extra pretreatment

Including: PP spun fiber filter, water softener filter, KDF filter, dislodge granular, residual chlorine, organics, heavy metal in case of scaling, bacterial growth and hard water.

Built-in polishing resin cartridge

The capacity is 12 liter, ensure the resistivity is more than 10MΩ.cm, and it can produce about 20000 liters water.

Built-in tank

Built-in 2 pressure water tank (15 liters/tank), to save more lab space.

Pure water dispenser

With extension tube (3 meters) to get pure water easily。 Terminal filter is optional to remove bacteria and particles。

Humanized tray

All kinds of lab containers and ware glass could be put on the tray.

Portable on-line resistivity monitor

With dry cell & AC100-240V design, to measure the pure water’s resistivity easily anywhere.

Item Commodity Description
HT-EP Main body: Extension part -
PF-10T-PRK Optional: 10" triple filter (PP+DI+KDF) Including: 10" spun fiber PP filter,10" water softener filter,10" KDF filter
PTC-MBR-12L Optional: 12 liters mixed bed resin cartridge Lifetime: about 20´000 liters pure water
TANK-P-15L Optional: Pressure tank To store RO water, capacity:15 liters
DG-PTFE Optional: PTFE water dispenser Material of dispenser: PTFE, including PFA extension tube(1/4" 3M)
DG-PP Optional: PP water dispenser Material of dispenser: PP, including PP extension tube(1/4" 3M)
ORM-P Optional: Portable on-line resistivity meter Dry cell design or external power supply, to measure on-line resistivity

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