March 22, 2017

Law Internship

Welcome to Lexoscope’s Internship Program , The program is intended to help students get Law internships across the nation.

Employers look for workers with experience, so the best way for legal students to prepare for their future is to take advantage of internship opportunities while they are still in school. Legal internships can teach students valuable skills that can work for them by boosting their résumé and helping them to become the best candidate for the job.

The internship is the most important part of the education for Law students.It’s never too early for Law Students to begin looking for legal internship opportunities. Internship is the opportunity for Law to put together what they learned in class and see how it all works in the real world,It gives the students the chance to meet challenges when it comes to getting along with people on the job, from clients to support staff, to lawyers.

Having legal internship experience can give students a competitive edge over those without a similar background. The current economic environment has made legal internships much more competitive, because there are fewer job opportunities out there and more people are competing for them

internships are also a good place for students to network with legal professionals, because they have the opportunity to meet people that might be able to help them find jobs in the future.

We help you find the right internship opportunities

We find internships for you in these fields of law.

  1. Law firm internships: It includes internships at various corporate and litigation law firms. It should be primarily opted by those who look for a career prospect in law firms.
  2. Court internships: Court internships primarily include internship at district court, High Courts or Supreme Court under a lawyer’s guidance. Recommended for those students who wish to join judiciary or litigation as it provides them practical exposure to judicial procedure and its technicalities.
  3. NGOs: NGOs offer internship opportunities to law students and contributes in providing valuable insights in particular areas of law

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